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I create inspirational images that celebrate the dance of life and light in an eclectic approach.  I do contemporary and abstract landscapes in oils and acrylics. I seek to create art that is both striking from a distance and interesting up close using a bold color palette, interesting textures, and multiple layers in my work.

I grew up in the hill country around Austin, Texas and discovered my artistic talents at an early age. I set my sights on architecture as a profession in 5th grade and never wavered through college and a few years of practice. After careers in architecture, ministry and the tech industry, I am back to my first love, art. http://www.tommcgeeart.com/

We are located at the corner of Canyon Road and Palace Ave. across the street from The Teahouse.  There is a large public parking lot just down the street across from El Farrol Restaurant and free parking just around the corner on Alameda. You can't miss the giant horse staring at you on the corner of our property.  Both of the other Galleries at 901 Canyon Road are also run by resident artists, so start your walk down Canyon Road at the top of the hill, with a working studio tour!

Hours:  Open Everyday 10am to 5:00pm except Wednesday (we need a day off!).

Phone:  505-819-3255

I was lucky enough to live and teach in Japan for 8 years where I fell in love with their fabrics and knew that one day I would find a way to create with the amazing obi and kimono that I purchased while living there. I upcycle these stunning fabrics into creations that are useable and unique.

In addition to my textile work with Japanese fabric, I studied Rio Grande style weaving at Tierra Wools in northern New Mexico and Japanese Sakiori and Saori weaving in Japan.  I draw from these 3 styles of weaving and merge the many weaving techniques to make expressive, unconventional fabric and wall art. Using my textile experience, I design and make clothing from my woven fabric that is simple and unique.

At Tierra Wools in Los Ojos, NM, I continue the art of weaving traditional Rio Grande style rugs. I use local, hand dyed churro wool and original Rio Grande walking looms at the weaving center. My designs are often contemporary, but the Rio Grande style is carried through.


Angel wynn

We are a working artist studio and gallery, in the vein of earlier days on Canyon Road. Drop by, watch us work, learn something new... and yes, buy art directly from us!

Angel, Dayna and Tom are available for commissions, demos, workshops, and lessons.

tom mcgee

Ghost Stories - Angel Wynn

Opening Friday, October 21 and running through November 8. 

New Show!
Tom McGee, The Mystery of Faith:  Exploring Faith through Liturgy and Art
Friday Nov. 4 5-7PM

Eight new pieces of art and a book.  Prints available too!

Dayna fisk-williams

New Show!

The Mystery of Faith:  Exploring Faith through Liturgy and Art

Tom McGee

Opening:  Friday, Nov 4.  5-7PM

901 Canyon Road at Palace Ave.

See You there!

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Through photography, my creative intention is to instill in the viewer awareness and
compassion for America’s First Nations. I strive to have my timeless photographs become
a bridge between American Indian heritage and the conventional non-Indian

My current work combines the ancient encaustic medium with contemporary images to produce one-of-a-kind artwork.
When encaustic wax is applied to the surface of images printed on absorbent papers or silk, they take on an ethereal dreamlike appearance.